2024 This is a new year and a time to make our dreams become realities. It’s also a time to begin
new projects and make new memories

During 2023, our collected 964 pairs of socks and donated them to the homeless at the Friendship House (St. Matthew’s
House) in Immokalee and to the Migrant Program at Immokalee High School. We had several helmet fittings and
distributed and fitted more than 140 helmets We also sponsored two programs for our partners at Alzheimer’s Network
and Project Life Saver. In addition to these programs, we donated clothing to the Sunlight House. We also added four
new members and reclaimed one member.

We also served in our community with Memorial Day Services and Veterans Day Services.

This year we’re planning a project with Golisano Children’s Hospital to provide age appropriate bags for patients
admitted to the hospital and we will also work the polls as part of the Adopt A Precinct Program. We have six members
who have been trained for this proj3ect and need more volunteers to serve. All funds collected will help to support our
programs which will include Brain Minders this year. This year is an opportunity to expand our programs and do more,
care more and serve our community. Let’s go for it. Dream Big!

“ All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney.

Bessie Brown
President – Naples Pilot Club


New Life Church sends a message:

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for your t-shirt donations! This year at our OCC Packing Party we packed 165 boxes! Each box had a t-shirt jump rope in it! Also, for our 10-14 year old girl boxes we made t-shirt bags along with the jump ropes! We were also able to send an entire box full of jump ropes to the processing center to use as filler items for other boxes!!! We were able to do this because of your donation! I cannot thank Pat enough for helping with this!

We have enough t-shirts to do the same thing for next year too! I have attached a few pictures from the Packing Party. If you look at the table full of things to go in the boxes you will see the jump ropes! And I have given one to Pat to show you what we are making!


Amanda McFarlane

Office Administrator

The OCC Packing Party at New Life