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President Pilot International

We are deeply sad to report our Pilot Florida District Governor has
passed away as a result of health issues. Barbara Keck had a dream to become the Governor
and she was so proud to fulfill that dream. Her installation was beautiful with the theme of
Peacocks. We offer our condolences to her family and her Pilot Club of Fort Pierce. With this
news, the Governor Elect Missy Ridgway of the Pilot Club of Ocala will assume the position as
Governor. We offer our total support and know Missy is able to lead the Florida District.
Also Lt. Governor Sharon Nooney had to resign in early July due to health issues. The DAC is
pleased that Georgia Reed from the Pilot Club of Jacksonville agreed to accept the appointment
to fill this position for the 2023-2024 Pilot Year.

2023-24 Pilot Club Officers
President Bessie Brown
Vice President Sue Lester
Treasurer Bob Patton
Secretary Ralph Patton
Director Harriet Patton

2023-24 Florida District Officers
Governor Barbara Keck
Governor-Elect Missy Ridgeway
Secretary Claire Mikko
Treasurer Charlotte Edenfield
Lt. Governor Amanda Valdespino
Lt. Governor Georgia Reed
ECR Lisa Palmqust

Pilot International President

Holly Baker


The Pilot Club of Naples has monthly meetings each
second Thursday at 6 PM at Perkin’s – 3585 Pine Ridge
Road, Naples, FL.    —for more information call 239.289.8268