Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School

The Anchor motto: Impressions for Life Service and Friendship

The Cape Coral Anchor Club has held meetings of the members via Zoom. We could not be more proud to announce that President of the Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School, Owen Foster Hickey has been awarded the Ruby New-hall Service Award by Pilot International.

Socktober in October Anchors collected hundreds of pairs of socks for the elderly in Cape Coral.


Thank You Drive By Parade

The Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School organized a “Thank You Drive By Parade” to thank the Cape Coral Police Department on May 22nd. It was really fun. Anchors made colorful chalk messages on the pavement and decorated the cars. With balloons, Joan Hurd and Sue Lester joined Kathy Hickey and Anchor Advisor Leigh Anne Page supporting the Anchors. The parade of decorated cars with signs and balloons circled around the Police Department HQ honking and waving. The TV coverage was great on the evening news with President of the Anchor Club presenting and Krispy Kreme Donuts and other gifts from Anchors.
Anchor Advisor Leigh Anne Page and Pilot passenger Kathy Hickey.

Owen makes the presentation of appreciation at the Cape Coral Police Department HQ as TV cameras rolled.

This Anchor Club rocks even with a mask. Leigh Ann provided the Jason’s Deli Lunch.

Organizer of the event and President of the Cape Coral Anchor Club Owen Foster Hickey.

Pilot International Ruby Newhall Anchor Service Award recognizes Anchors who do an exemplary job of serving others from March 1 of the previous school year through January of the current school year. A written essay by the nominee and Pilot or Anchor recommendation is required. The Anchor selected has demonstrated quality and excellence in club and district projects, including fundraising, hands-on service, club leadership, Pilot Club or other sponsored involvement, community visibility in recognition of the club along with activities and leadership development for club members.

Owen Foster Hickey of the Cape Coral High School Anchor Club is the Rock Star Winner! Congratulations!
This is a well deserved honor recognizing your dedication to your Anchor Club.