Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School

The Anchor motto: Impressions for Life Service and Friendship
The Rotary Club joins Pilot in support of the Anchor Club. The new name is:
Cape Coral High Anchor/Interact Club.

Florida Anchor Our outstanding leader of the Cape Coral Anchor Interact Club, Leigh Anne Page has a new school schedule with added responsibility. This has caused her to step back some and have Rene’ a teacher at Cape Coral High School, lead the Freshman and Sophomore students with Leigh Anne directing the Junior and Senior students of the Anchor/Interact Club. This sounds like a good plan and we are so happy that Leigh Anne will continue to be involved with our Anchors.

The Anchor Club of Cape Coral High project shown is to assemble Child Safety Kits for the Sept. 11th Missing Children’s Day.

The future of Pilot is in our Youth and Young Adults, our Anchors and Scholarship House Residents. It is our commitment to support them the best we can.The new Anchor Florida District officers installation was held at the Pilot Florida District Convention.

The Anchor Club of Cape Coral High membership is increasing!

CCHS Anchor Club values the Pilot
Club of Naples support. We are looking forward to seeing the Anchors and their next project. .

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
The future of Pilot is in our Youth and Young Adults, our Anchors and Scholarship House Residents. It is our commitment to support them the best we can.

March is Membership Month!
Invite one person to our March meeting for them to see what Pilot is. . . .People don’t know about Pilot and what we do. The only way they could know is for you to invite them to a meeting. We will pick up the cost of their dinner. Let’s work on making this a wonderful meeting. We plan to have a speaker and meet at Perkin’s on Pine Ridge Road in the private room at 6 PM. We ask that you confirm with Sue (239.375.0554) on how many to plan on. That is so we can have the room set up without the confusion of moving the tables when they arrive. Make plans to attend and bring someone. . .or two Did you know that it is a fact that people who volunteer and belong to a service organization live longer and are healthier than those who do not. Share the joy of serving the community with our time, our support and our care.

We support 4 Pilot Scholarship Houses & residents
We support the Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition
We offer Bike Safety Rodeos, Puppet Presentations and provide Bike Helmets to schools, after school programs, churches, day care facilities, parks and recreation programs, etc.

We support our Anchors

Cape Coral High School’s ANCHOR CLUB enjoyed a tour of the Gresham Kite Pilot Scholarship House on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers. House Manager, Melissa Ayala, was a gracious hostess and guide. CCHS Anchor member, Destiny Lowe, will become a SSHF GKP resident this fall, studying marine biology.
A reception for Destiny and her parents was included with the tour; and several other Anchor parents were part of the tour and reception as well. Leigh Anne Page, CCHS Anchor Advisor, presented information about SSHS, which inspired lots of interest among Anchor parents. Anchor Shayla Phan will also attend FGCU and is looking forward to spending time with Destiny and the other GKP residents.
Who knows; maybe she will be a resident in the coming years! The fifth Pilot SSHF house should be completed for next school year adjacent to the GKP House on the FGCU campus. Many Anchors and their parents have their eye set on this wonderful opportunity in our own community and becoming involved with Pilot and the SSHF .

Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School


CCHS Senior and Anchor Club Historian 2022, Destiny Lowe, earned a $13,500 scholarship ($52,000 4 years) from Southern Scholarship Foundation. She will be attending FGCU this fall and a resident in the Gresham-Kite Pilot Scholarship House.

Destiny is pursuing an Environmental Engineering degree with a minor in Marine Studies. She served the CCHS Anchor Club with serious enthusiasm and contributed 50+ volunteer hours towards our local community projects. Luckily, Destiny will be close enough to continue to participate with future Anchors and our sponsoring Naples Pilot Club. She has also mentioned the idea of initiating the first Compass Club on FGCU campus.

Leigh Anne Page

CCHS Anchor Club & Interact Advisor

Installation of 2022-2023 Anchor Club Officers:
From left to right: Leigh Anne (Anchor Club Advisor for Cape Coral High School,
with Manuela Parra, Adelle Reynolds, Shayla Phan, Destiny Lowe, Natalia Hannon, Layla Ordonez, and Maricela Reynolds.

Anchors having fun with Julian Parke
(Miami Springs Senior High School Anchor).


Governor Charlotte Edenfield, Anchors, Past President of Pilot International Connie Moore, Pilot Scholarship House resident,
Jodi Walborn, helmet fitting certification expert and many special guests was a good time for all.

Anchor/Interact Club of Cape Coral High School gave a presentation at the meeting.
Anchor Advisor, Leigh Ann Page is the super inspiration leader behind all good things Anchor.






Leigh Anne Page, Anchor Advisor






Six CCHS Anchor Club members will be traveling to Lake Mary attending the FL District Conference; 2 of the 4 are FL Anchor Officers (outgoing and incoming). Club President Adelle’s mother will attend as the guest of Anchor Advisor, Leigh Anne Page.

We are graduating many Seniors this year from the club; but I have faith we can build back up; focusing on recruiting more Sophomores and Freshmen.

Essentially, each quarter will have a fresh focus with Pick Me Ups, fundraisers, project and community/social event. The dates listed for AnchorAct are our general meetings, typically held on CCHS campus-my classroom the 3rd Thursday each month; Pilot meetings, I’m assuming, will continue to be the 2nd Thursday each month (6 pm); and Rotary each Wednesday morning-the dates I have listed are the days school is NOT in session.

At this point AnchorAct has worked with Hearts and Homes for Veterans, the Cape Coral Caring Center, Valerie’s House, and CCPD in the past. New partnerships will be forged with the SW FL Chapter of the Alzheimer’ Association and a local non-profit-Our Mother’s Home. If Pilot and Rotary have working partnerships with other organizations and we can tag onplease
let me know that as well. I’m not looking to reinvent the entire wheel-but perfect projects and partnerships we have created in the past and build on what Pilot and Rotary already have in place.

Standing: Devon L, Ariana D, Destiny L, Shayla P. Kneeling: Taylor G, Manuela P, Natalia H.

Anchors met at Rotary Park in Cape Coral to organize our volunteers for the Burrowing Owl Festival February 26.
Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife presented fascinating information about their volunteer work in our community. Along with CC Rotary Club and various other vendors, Anchors helped with parking, tours, wildlife exhibits and enjoyed helping our community earn about our unique wildlife and environment. More than 2,500 people attended and a silent auction raised $8,000+. This was fun and very rewarding work.


January, 2022 CCHS Anchor Club News Anchors enjoyed an evening of “good old fashioned” fun in December, despite our Florida “heat wave”. Wearing Christmas gear and learning new Christmas carols, we strolled through a Cape Coral neighborhood “Caroling for Cans”. Neighbors were very generous with donations of non-perishable food items that were donated to the Cape Coral Caring Center. Wendy Wooton accepted our donations with a very grateful heart and offered a tour of the facility. All food stays local to benefit Cape Coral families in need. Our donation weighed in at nearly 300 lbs. THANK YOU SAVONA NEIGHBORHOOD!

CCHS Anchor Club has nominated two members for Anchor Florida District office of Treasurer. We are proud that these Anchors are willing to serve our District and represent CCHS. Thank you Manuela and Layla for applying. We support you both in this endeavor.

January brought the Cape Coral Art Festival to town. Anchors volunteered to help out the CC Rotarian club. A beautiful weekend brought out thousands of people to stroll through the festival. Anchors sold water and helped out with various tasks setting up and breaking down, taking out trash, and helping with parking.

In February we are teaming up with the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife and volunteering at the Burrowing Owl Festival at Rotary Park in Cape Coral. We look forward to learning more about the wildlife in our community.

The Pilot Club of Naples says thank you! We could not be more proud of the things you do for the community. You have kicked off the new year with a bang.

The Anchor Convention on March 4th – 6th in person has been canceled . .
It is always a good experience and we send you good wishes and encouragement for a VIRTUAL CONVENTON.

Anchor/Interact Club of Cape Coral High School have collected over 500 pounds of not perishable food These students really ROCK. .




Cape Coral High School Anchors are generous and giving. They have fun doing it too.




Anchors and Socktober Success.
We were scheduled to present our 1,000 pairs of socks to Hearts & Homes for Veterans. However, CCHS Anchor Club presented 1,103 pairs of new socks to Hearts & Homes for Veterans in Ft. Myers on Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Socks were collected during “SOCKtober“, counted, sorted and boxed to deliver to the very grateful directors of H& H, who will be stuffing Christmas Goodie Bags for veterans with useful and needed items such as food, personal hygiene items, Christmas decorations and SOCKS. Many pairs will also be donated to the Homeless Shelter for Vets in conjunction with the Christmas gift give-aways. Anchors enjoyed burgers, fries and shakes afterwards and discussed our future collaborations with H&H and the distribution of other needed items that most of us take for granted.
The gift of GIVING was touching for Anchors; it was a heartfelt presentation received with grateful hearts and tearful handshakes.
“It is SO wonderful to see teenagers work so hard for this donation; we are truly moved by this generosity,” says Director David Santini.
Anchors and Socktober Success.
We are scheduled to present our 1,000 pairs of socks to Hearts & Homes for Veterans on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at 2:30 p.m. after school. If you can join us, this would be wonderful. Hoping to make this a “media event” too.
Socks in the Boxes

Anchor District Leadership lip sync.


Western hats and boots, buckles and hilarious laughs. Words cannot express it. You just had to be there!

The fundraising was fun and successful to benefit the Pilot Scholarship House Foundation.
There were the raffles, gift cards and Governor’s shirt challenge.
Over $11,000 was raised and funds are still coming for Strive for Five project and the new house.

Officers are: (front row): Manuela Parra, Director; Destiny Lowe, Historian; April Deutsch, Secretary; Adelle Reynolds, President; James Joost, President-Elect. Not pictured: Shayla Phan, Treasurer. Back row left are Suzanne Lester and Joan Hurd, Naples Pilot Club sponsors, with Leigh Anne Page, Faculty Advisor; and far right is David Vansant and behind the Interact banner is Jim Colvin Cape Coral Rotary Club sponsors.

2021-2022 Anchor Club /Interact Club Officers Induction Ceremony was held at Cape Coral High School to honor the newly appointed leadership for the CCHS Anchor Club and CCHS Interact Club. Anchor and Interact will both serve Cape Coral High School, the city of Cape Coral, and Lee County through a variety of community service projects and volunteer hours.
The first campaign will be the annual SOCKtober, October 1 through 31 and will collect new adult socks to donate to Lee County Homeless Coalition and Hearts and Homes for Veterans in Fort Myers. The club goal is 2021 pairs of socks, representing the current year; this will surpass all collections combined in prior years of this project. Donations may be made at Cape Coral High School. Ms Page says make a sock collection box to promote SOCKtober.

Anchor/Interact Club rocks!
Each month, they have a community service project. Watch what they have planned for November and December.

SOCKTOBER in October

Anchor motto: Impressions for Life Service and Friendship

SOCKtober, our fall community service event, and hopefully will serve as an encouragement to staff & students to donate. Our goal is to collect 2000 pairs of socks (or more) to be donated to Lee County Homeless Coalition and Gulf Coast Village Memory Care Unit and Retirement Village.


ANCHORS – CCHS 2021 Anchors have been trained to be official helmet fitters and will be receiving certificates from the state of Florida. We look forward to helping our Naples Pilot Club sponsors with future events for children receiving bicycles and helmets. Mrs. Jodi Walborn led the helmet fitting training at the Lake Kennedy Center in Cape Coral, presenting statistics to support the urgent need to encourage young people to wear helmets. Anchors paired up to practice proper fitting techniques on each other, then enjoyed snacks and games. We are off to a great start.

Jim Colvin is a Rotarian member and the club liaison to CCHS (much like Joan’s position in Pilot) attended this first meeting with another Rotarian. They are VERY supportive of CCHS, the Interact Club and SOOOOO excited that Anchor & Interact are “as one”. “We are “stronger together”.

Joan and Leigh Anne at the Anchor meeting. All Anchors were certified to fit helmets by Jodi Walborn.

Thank you to Leigh Ann Page, Anchor Advisor.
Leigh Anne Page. You made it a good year for Anchors. Wishing you all the success for new members and continuing the wonderful projects and service to your school and community. The Pilot Club of Naples could not be more proud of you and the Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School. Great things will be happening and we are anxious to see them

Leigh Anne Page is working diligently on the plans and projects for the Anchor Club of Cape Coral next semester.
The new Board of Directors have determined their 2021—2022 goals and calendar of events.
We are always excited to see what Leigh Anne will come up with to keep the Anchors busy and motivated.

Meet the newest resident of the Williams Pilot Scholarship House in Gainesville. Owen is a Gator!
Owen will graduate from Cape Coral High School. He leaves his mark and a solid Anchor Club with an outstanding history of community service projects and fund-raising events. And the calendar is already set up for next semester. The new officers of the CCHS Anchor Club election will be in May.
Owen had a birthday on May 1st. Kaylah Myers had a birthday May 4th. Louise Lin has a birthday on May 20th. Mrs. Page has a birthday on the 29th of May!

Congratulations to Shayla Phan the Florida District Treasurer for 2021-22.
SOCKtober: August—October The goal is 1,000 pairs of socks
NovemBARK: November-December The goal is to shower the Shelter with supplies
DecemBEAR-FeBEARary: December-February . Create a toy box in the lobby of CCHS to collect stuffed animals for Valerie’s House

CCHS Anchor Club Be More Award, 2021 Grati-Dudes Honor those Who Serve & Protect

Anchor Club coordinated a drive by “MAY We THANK YOU Parade” honoring our local police force for keeping our community safe through the onset of COVID19. It was an energetic, fun demonstration of sincere gratitude on MAY 22, 2020. Just 60 days prior, American towns, schools, churches, gyms, restaurants, businesses basically halted. Citizens needed direction, answers, and protection during the pandemic. News reports swirled about unrest, violence, crime; yet, Cape Coral community leaders and frontline responders worked tirelessly to ensure citizen’s safety and trust.
Anchors organized a “drive-by” gratitude parade, abiding by CDC guidelines for safely gathering, for the Cape Coral Police Department to show honor and support for their brave navigation through uncharted territory. The idea was inspired by our Anchor Club President, whose parents both served on police forces.
In the wee hours of parade day, Anchors and Pilots lined up their vehicles to paint, decorate, and adorn cars with balloons, signs, banners, and lights. Art students painted chalk murals on the sidewalk surrounding police headquarters. At 11:00 a.m., May 22, 2020, a string of colorfully decorated, horn-honking cars drove around the city block honoring Cape Coral Police Department waiving, blasting music and making noise. The Parade Grand Marshall, Ed Juul, retired 36 yr. veteran Fire Fighter, drove a classic 1932 Buick Touring Sedan followed by eight jazzed-up vehicles. Anchor Club president presented CCPD Public Affairs Officer Patrick O’Grady with 6 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, 100+ handmade Gratitude Cards and Buttons, and 50 new teddy bears for officers to comfort young children when on patrol. The grand finale was a picnic “Lunch on the (police department) Lawn”.
The local news coverage inspired and encouraged other community organizations to display gratitude attitudes, which Anchors have coined “GRATI-DUDES”.

Save plastic bottle caps, all colors and sizes for the Anchor art project at PI in Atlanta.

HS President Owen Foster Hickey with the Caroling Anchors had fun making people in the neighborhood smile during the holidays.

Cape Coral High School Anchor Club
Owen Foster Hickey


Photo With Santa
Kathy Hickey, Joan Hurd, Santa, Sue Lester and Leigh Anne Page (all members of the Pilot Club of Naples with Kathy Hickey and Leigh Anne Page Anchor Advisors ) were on had to experience another successful event of the Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School. “Photo with Santa” held on December 9th was beautifully organized with all the appointments completely scheduled from 3 to 8 PM at the Lake Kennedy Center in Cape Coral. Anchors were the elves with cookies, music and helping Santa with his gift for each child made it a memorable project pro-vided by the Anchor Club of Cape Coral.


The Pilot Club of Naples is proud to support the Cape Coral Anchor Club Fundraiser

Questions and ordering— call Joan: 317.409.5453
Nine flavors to choose from. These cakes come individually boxed are truly quality and would be a delicious gift.

Puppets in the Park
Cape Coral High School Anchor Club sponsored “Puppets in the Park” November 5, 2020, at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral. Naples Pilot, Joan Hurd, delivered more than 15 puppets and supplies to Anchors, who immediately fell in love with all the very special characters of Brain Minders. An impromptu “improv” took place between puppets and Anchors, which even intrigued some squirrels and dogs in the park! Anchors are looking forward to creating special Public Service Announcements for local schools and assisted living residents soon with the Brain Minders puppets.

Shayla Phan with Panda/Owl, Adelle Hamstra with two Monkeys, Frenzella White-Battles with Cow/Puppy, Joan Hurd with Horse,
Owen Foster-Hickey with Fish/Owl, Alexis Mangrum with Giraffe/Fox
Mrs. Leigh Anne Page
Literacy Educator CCHS
University of Florida ‘83
Anchor Club & Teen Trendsetter Advisor

Anchor Officers held an impromptu virtual ZOOM meeting this afternoon and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! We actually got A LOT accomplished. I am sharing with you our zoom meeting invite; you “should” be able to simply click in and join us next time! We are going to hold hybrid meetings; meaning students who are on campus will come to my room and students who learn virtually will join us in zoom. Unfortunately, I don’t think visitors will be allowed on campus yet, but Zoom is a great alternative. 12 Solid members: 2 others need to be give me thumbs up—we will reach out tomorrow. Through a GENEROUS donation, all 20-21 Anchor Dues have been paid for 14 members!!! All officers have been assigned a group of members to be responsible for communicating and encouraging.
Officers: Owen, Pres;
Adelle, Vice Pres;
Shayla, Secretary;
Sophia, Treasurer;
Kaylah Historian & PR.

Meetings: twice monthly Hybrid Style (part in person part in zoom). Meetings start at 1:45. October 15 & 29, November 5 & 19, December 3 &17. Each meeting will have a theme; ALL Anchors can participate whether F2F (in person) or LHC (ZOOM virtual).

October 15 is ANCHORS IN DIS-GUISE (anchors disguise themselves and we will have to guess who each other are. Oct. 29 is Halloween Costume/Mask theme.

Others TBD.

Fundraising Ideas: Bake Sale to faculty/staff two days per month; Drive though garage sale around the CCHS track; Nothing Bundt Cakes holiday cake sale; “Make the Change” coin collection

Community Service Project Ideas: Learning Pods for LHC virtual elementary age students to be tutored by Anchors (NEW idea based on community need);
Bear Hugs.

These projects were initiated last year, teaming with Hearts for Homes, Veteran Org., CC Animal Shelter and Valerie’s House (Teen Trendsetters is no longer in service due to COVID19).

So, there you have it. WE ARE ROLLING!!!!!!!! We will take lots of pictures Oct. 15!!!!!!

Love, Mrs. Leigh Anne Page
Literacy Educator CCHS
University of Florida ‘83
Anchor Club & Teen Trendsetter Advisor

The Cape Coral Anchor Club has held meetings of the members via Zoom. We could not be more proud to announce that President of the Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School, Owen Foster Hickey has been awarded the Ruby New-hall Service Award by Pilot International.

Socktober in October Anchors collected hundreds of pairs of socks for the elderly in Cape Coral.


Thank You Drive By Parade

The Anchor Club of Cape Coral High School organized a “Thank You Drive By Parade” to thank the Cape Coral Police Department on May 22nd. It was really fun. Anchors made colorful chalk messages on the pavement and decorated the cars. With balloons, Joan Hurd and Sue Lester joined Kathy Hickey and Anchor Advisor Leigh Anne Page supporting the Anchors. The parade of decorated cars with signs and balloons circled around the Police Department HQ honking and waving. The TV coverage was great on the evening news with President of the Anchor Club presenting and Krispy Kreme Donuts and other gifts from Anchors.
Anchor Advisor Leigh Anne Page and Pilot passenger Kathy Hickey.

Owen makes the presentation of appreciation at the Cape Coral Police Department HQ as TV cameras rolled.

This Anchor Club rocks even with a mask. Leigh Ann provided the Jason’s Deli Lunch.

Organizer of the event and President of the Cape Coral Anchor Club Owen Foster Hickey.

Pilot International Ruby Newhall Anchor Service Award recognizes Anchors who do an exemplary job of serving others from March 1 of the previous school year through January of the current school year. A written essay by the nominee and Pilot or Anchor recommendation is required. The Anchor selected has demonstrated quality and excellence in club and district projects, including fundraising, hands-on service, club leadership, Pilot Club or other sponsored involvement, community visibility in recognition of the club along with activities and leadership development for club members.

Owen Foster Hickey of the Cape Coral High School Anchor Club is the Rock Star Winner! Congratulations!
This is a well deserved honor recognizing your dedication to your Anchor Club.