The Great Naples Duck Race—February 1, 2020

The Second Annual Great Naples Duck Race will be held at Sun & Fun Lagoon on February 1st. Once again, the Pilot Club of Naples is a sponsor of this amazing event.
We will have a space again to promote The Pilot Club of Naples. Last year we had the Scholarship House residents help us. This is a major fund raising event to benefit the
Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition. The mission is to facilitate & implement programs to combat childhood obesity, prevent childhood drowning and reduce SIDS.

Ducks are available to adopt. The first three ducks to cross the finish line will win $10,000, $5,000, $2,500. The Pilot Team could collectively adopt ducks:
Single (Duck for $10), Quack of Ducks (6 for $50), Quacker’s Dozen (12 Ducks $100) and the Super Quack Pack (24 Ducks for $200).
Visit online:
Or call Pilot: Sue Lester 239.289.8268